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Topplayerz is one of the leading recruitment and training agencies in Nigeria, offering a range of services to leading global firms, SME's, Federal & State  government bodies and institutions. Topplayerz provides tailored recruitment, including temporary and contract staff, outsourcing, permanent recruitment, interim management and executive search.

TopPlayerz a multidisciplinary organisation that has full and tested competence in delivering knowledge management to persons in various segments. Our specialty includes training, seminars, workshops and general consulting services.

Our main areas of expertise fall within Non governmental Organisation (NGO), HR Jobs, Education,Training, Clerical & Secretarial Positions, Health Organisations, Corporate and Charities.

'The success of Topplayerz can be attributed to excellence in service delivery, expert market knowledge and our commitment to operating on a team basis. We place jobseekers in a variety of roles across many different sectors and provide the right candidate for the job through our tailored recruitment processes and personalised ongoing support' - Oliver James, Director

Topplayerz Plc. is a leading management training company with experience of delivering a broad range of soft skills training courses including communication skills, leadership, sales, finance and people management training.   

We recruit into a variety of niche areas and have teams specifically set up to provide candidates from the most junior level of support staff up to director level.  Topplayerz Training & Consultancy Plc (TTC): Current global economic influences make it a given that companies move beyond traditional, periodic cost cutting solutions and adopt a far more sustainable process of waste and non value added reduction.  Driving greater efficiency onto every facet of your organisation is now widely accepted as having the greatest influence on your performance whether public or private sector.


TTC have developed skills which will help you clearly identify where improvements can be achieved, how you can realistically deliver these improvements and most importantly how you can sustain ongoing cost reduction and efficiency through your own people.

Services provided:

Primarily, we provide world-class strategic management consulting services in the following areas:

- Business Strategy
- Business Development
- Operational Effectiveness
- Organisational Design
- Managerial Effectiveness
- People Management & Development


Developing Competencies and Management Practices
Effective Leadership and Management 
Market Leadership and Competitive Srategies
Performance Management 
Security Awareness
Employee Performance Improvement Program (EPIP)
Building a Quality Management System
Customer Relations Management



Business Process Review
Performance Management Process Evaluation

Leadership Development Program
Strategic Human Resource Management
Job Analysis and Evaluation
Executive Search / Recruitment 
Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisition
Customer Service Review and Installation

TTC is a Business development, PR, Management, Research and Training Specialist outfit in Lagos, Ghana and S. Africa. 


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